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BIM Sharing Session from Antaragrafik Systems Sdn. Bhd.

UAS Mapping recently hosted a transformative three-day BIM Sharing Session in collaboration with Antaragrafik Systems Sdn Bhd at our headquarters. This immersive event brought together our dedicated staff alongside individuals from various industries requiring Building Information Modeling (BIM) expertise.

The primary objective of the session was to deepen the BIM knowledge base within our organization, equipping our team with the latest tools and techniques to enhance our services and better serve our clients. Participants were immersed in hands-on workshops and interactive discussions led by experts from Antaragrafik Systems, delving into the intricacies of BIM methodologies and best practices.

Throughout the session, participants gained practical insights into utilizing industry-leading software such as Autodesk Revit, Leica Cyclone Register 360, and Leica Cyclone Field 360. These powerful tools were showcased for their ability to streamline project workflows, enhance collaboration, and deliver comprehensive insights into building design, construction, and maintenance processes.

The collaborative environment fostered during the session allowed for the exchange of ideas and experiences among participants, enriching the learning experience and fostering a culture of continuous improvement within our organization.

By investing in BIM training and knowledge sharing, UAS Mapping reaffirms its commitment to staying at the forefront of technological innovation and delivering exceptional value to our clients. The insights gained from the BIM Sharing Session will enable our team to leverage advanced digital tools and methodologies to optimize project efficiency, accuracy, and overall quality.

As we continue to integrate BIM capabilities into our service offerings, we are confident that this newfound expertise will further elevate our capabilities and position us as a trusted partner for clients seeking innovative solutions in the field of aerial mapping and beyond.

The BIM Sharing Session with Antaragrafik Systems Sdn Bhd represents a significant milestone in our ongoing journey towards excellence, and we look forward to leveraging this newfound knowledge to drive positive outcomes for our clients and stakeholders.

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