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Underground Asset Detection

We provide clients with underground utilities detection and mapping services to ensure that these assets are protected during excavation and drilling operations. UAS’ underground scanning team have the knowledge, experience, and equipment to assist you with your underground asset location needs.


Electromagnetic Locating underground utilities with Sonde Locator


Trace Wires in EML

We utilise two main technologies for attaining accurate subsurface information non-destructively - Electromagnetic Location (EML) and Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR). EML is the leading technique for detecting metallic or conductive underground services in a non-destructive manner.


Our state-of-the-art EML tools from Vivax-Metrotech also allows us to detect non-conductive lines with a range of accessories (sondes and trace wires). At UAS, our IDS GeoRadar GPR is often used as complementary tool for confirming EML data and to detect non-metallic line missed out in EML method. GPR is also used for site characterization such as soil investigation and groundwater locating. Our subsurface information is always tied to positional data collected above ground using GNSS and/or unmanned aerial survey.

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