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Unmanned Aerial Survey & Mapping

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Spatial data capture using Unmanned Aerial Systems/Vehicles (UAS/UAV) is our namesake and a core service we offer to our clients. UAS uses a fleet of multirotor and fixed-wing platforms as well as camera and LiDAR payloads, to capture high-quality point clouds and imagery with efficiency and accuracy.

SenseFly eBee drone


Nextcore RN series UAV LiDAR

Our 8 licensed drone operators with RCoC-B Certified and Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA in Australia), have over 300 hours of flight experience each. The unmanned aerial mapping team at UAS is experienced in UAV data collection techniques essential for orthophoto generation, topographic mapping, 3D modelling, and much more.

Pix4D BIM (Building Information Modelling)

Digital Surface Model (DSM) of Quarry

We use the a variety of leading point cloud and photogrammetry software, including VisionLidar and Pix4D, to generate common UAV mapping deliverables in the industry, which includes:

  • Orthomosaics

  • Digital surface models (DSM)

  • Digital terrain models (DTM)

  • Contours

  • 3D point clouds

  • 3D textured mesh


Our promise - We are strong believers in open and accurate data. So, at UAS, every unmanned aerial mapping project is tailored to the accuracy and time requirements of each client.


Our mapping workflows will always be transparent and accountable, ensuring every data point was obtained from the field with the best measurement practices.

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