Matterport 3D Scanning

Matterport is an all-in-one 3D data platform that uses biopticcameras to produce 3D environments.While the platform can work with a range of 360 cameras and even an iPhone, UAS uses Matterport’s proprietary Pro2 camera system to produce the best-in-class 3D scans with 4K photographic quality



Let’s address the elephant in the room – Matterport is not as accurate as laser scanning. While laser scanning can produce accuracies in the order of millimetres, Matterport can only produce measurements accurate within 1% of reality in ideal conditions. That means for a 3 m long room, measurements can vary within 3 cm from actual. Clearly laser scanning has the edge here, especially if your project required high accuracy. So as a laser scanning provider, why offer Matterport services to our clients then, you ask. Well…

ADVANTAGES : Speed, Cost, and it looks so good!

1. Speed and Ease

If you are familiar with laser scanning, you’d chuckle at any claims that its fast. Yes, data acquisition can be quicker than conventional survey methods, but large data sets and complicated processing, like scan alignment, cleaning, and registration, can be a major headache in meeting project deadlines. The Matterport offers a streamlined automated workflow, with processing on the cloud, to produce the final 3D data. Furthermore, Matterport point clouds are smaller in size and generally cleaner, making it faster to handle and particularly well-suited for BIM software like Autodesk’s Revit.

2. Cost 


Looking to capture rich 3D data in your project, but the cost of laser scanning too much to swallow? Then look no further! The Matterport system is far less expensive and easier to operate than our laser scanners, so customers can enjoy the services at a much cheaper rate.

3. User interface


The web interface for viewing Matterport scans is just plain gorgeous! Just look at it (below). At UAS, we also realize that Matterport scans are better suited for certain industries, especially those who find added value through the aesthetically pleasing and easy-to-access presentations (e.g. virtual tours, real estate, and architecture). You can explore more of environments captured by the Matterport system here.




Trading off some accuracy, Matterport offers these key advantages which opens the door to many use cases previously untouched by our laser scanning services. These includes:​

  • 3D walk-throughs or Virtual Tours for Real Estate and Hospitality

  • Loss documentation for Insurers

  • 3D documentation and remote viewing for progress reporting in Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC)

  • Schematic floor plans for Facility Management

  • With Google Street View integration, virtual tours for any Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) looking to increase their presence on Maps


And so much more.


So if millimetre-level accuracy is a requirement for your scanning project, our laser scanning services will always be the answer. But if you’re looking for a cost-effective way to document you space in 3D or showcase it without ever having your audience step foot inside, our Matterport scanning services is your best solution.

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