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Unmanned aerial photogrammetric survey of approx. 40 km in Maludam, Sarawak for pipeline and high-level water tank planning

Aerial view of Maludam

The area of interest (AOI) in this project was a ~40 km x 100 m corridor along the main highway in Maludam National Park, as well as the Maludam township itself. The goal of the survey was to generate a DTM, DSM, contour, and orthomosaic of the AOI for the purpose of pipeline and high-level water tank construction. Image acquisition was undertaken across 3 days using the senseFly eBee Classic, with an average ground sampling distance (GSD) of 7.11 cm. A total of 86 ground control points (GCPs) in Timbalai 1948/Borneo RSO coordinate system was laid out using Trimble R5’s to align and georeference the photogrammetric data. Pix4Dmapper and Global Mapper were the primary software used to deliver the outputs for this project.

Area of Interest in Maludam

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